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Job Openings at the Institute for Atom-Efficient Chemical Transformations

Openings at Argonne National Laboratory

Three IACT postdoctoral positions, described below, are open at Argonne at this time.

Under the guidance of a supervisor, conduct fundamental research on the structure and function of biomass conversion catalysts. The research will involve synthesis, characterization, and catalytic reactor testing of new materials. The Postdoctoral Appointee will be working with a larger group from Argonne and three universities. Synthesis work will entail deposition of metallic precursors on to metal oxide supports. Characterization work will require the use of synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy (XANES and EXAFS). Research includes experimental set-up and synchrotron X-ray data acquisition with particular focus on high energy X-ray scattering techniques, data processing, and development of algorithms for structure analysis. Reactor testing will involve determining kinetics and selectivity patterns for heterogeneous catalysts in either plug flow or batch reactors. Future work may involve the use of fast screening combinatorial reactors.

While the individual tasks may be different, all three positions (requisitions 319388, 319389, and 319390) are identical in scope. Candidates only need to apply to one of these positions for consideration.

Qualified individuals who are interested must apply on the Argonne National Laboratory website at No applications will be accepted that are not submitted through this web site.

For general information about Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs at Argonne, please visit the Laboratory's Postdoctoral Fellowship Information page.

Openings at Northwestern University

There are presently two open postdoctoral positions for highly qualified applicants at Northwestern University in Tobin Marks' group, in the general area of catalysis. The Marks group offers a friendly, enthusiastic, highly interdisciplinary environment which has proven a good stepping stone for students wishing careers in academia, national laboratories, or industry. The equipment within the group and at Northwestern is truly excellent and unique. For more information on the Marks research group see: Specifics of the project positions are given below.

  1. The interface between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. This project involves the organometallic chemistry of unusual and highly reactive species bound to inorganic surfaces. Here the surface acts as both a ligand and cocatalyst. Applicants should have experience in organometallic chemistry and an interest in learning more about surface science and the practice of exploratory heterogeneous catalysis. There will be many opportunities to collaborate with scientists at Argonne National Laboratory, at other universities, and in companies.

  2. Catalytic hydrocarbon activation using “soft” oxidants. This project focuses on the design of catalytic processes for the efficient, selective conversion of saturated hydrocarbons to chemical feedstocks using unusual, thermodynamically advantaged oxidants. Applicants should have some experience in heterogeneous catalysis and/ or surface science, and an interest in learning new exploratory catalyst characterization techniques. There will be many opportunities to collaborate with scientists at Argonne National Laboratory, at other universities, and in companies.

Interested applicants should send their application materials to Professor Tobin Marks at Northwestern University.


May 2012

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